As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, face protective masks have become essentials in our life and handheld inkjet printers in the meantime have become a good solution to differentiate companies and individuals by printing owner information, date of issue and origin of the mask, company logos, individual designs, etc. on the masks.

Avoid Confusion

Under Covid-19 situation, labeling name, personal design or logo of the mask owner on protective masks could be a great solution to avoid mixing up your masks with others and maintain hygiene.

Advertising Medium

By printing logo, website, QR code or even a slogan, motif of a company or organization on the masks, it will be like carrying a naturally fit-in advertisement wherever you go.

Ensure Authenticity & Traceability

Manufacturers can print production information, lot number, production date and even QR code on the inside of protective masks for customers to check and scan the origin of the product.

By using invisible ink to print on masks, you can also maintain the good looking of their products while guaranteeing the traceability.

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