v4ink universal Adjustable Holder Stand Freestanding Brackets fits for Bentsai Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer to achieve automatic printing function for assembly production on conveyor, which is a perfect helper of industrial assembly line production.

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CPU ATPO number

While it may be cumbersome to print bar codes and other such identifiers on a regular printer, handheld printers provide you with a simple solution. In the parts manufacturing industry, especially chips such as CPU, coding is required. The partial serial number (partial ATPO) is located which contains the last three to five digits from the full serial number for the processor It is printed in human readable format on the outside edges of the processor, each set of serial numbers is unique.

Using Bentsai BT-HH6105B3 printer which has unique variable database printing system, can easily realize automatic serial number coding for you, which greatly saves time and cost.

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Warehouses and Storage Management

Additionally, portable handheld inkjet printers are also used in the production line. These production lines spread vast over warehouses or industries. V4ink Bentsai portable handheld mobile inkjet printer can be widely used in various industrial production lines after being assembled with the bracket. It can print the production date, contact information, product information, website, serial number bar code, etc., so as to make your production more efficient.

In addition, during the storage management process, you can print different labels for the products. This includes serviceable tags, non-serviceable tags, hold items, etc. As a result of these handheld printers, it becomes extremely easy for you to manage your storage products.

How does the Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer work on assemble production line?

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