Applying solvent ink, v4ink handheld printer is able to print easily on smooth wooden surface such as boxes, boards, pads, and hangtags. The color presents vividly and only takes a few seconds to dry out. Compared to traditional labeller or large-size laser machine, v4ink will show you more possibilities through our versatile devices.

Picture & Logo

The application of printing logo and picture on their exported wooden product is required by a number of wood processing companies. Winery and brewery industry would like to print a brand logo, trademark, and warning signs on the wooden boxes or barrels which keep the wines and alcohols for the purpose of brand image, patent protection and careful handling. Also, for DIY crafters, you can print your desired logo and slogan on a wooden hangtag.

Barcode, QR code & Batch code

These functions will be widely accepted in craft factories as they concern more about the outlook and aesthetics when they intend to print a specified HS code, barcode, QR code, and batch code for product identification instead of using a sticker which is easily damaged and hard to peel off from the product’s surface.


  • It does excellent job!

    Never imagine it could be such a helpful partner when I gotta print the batch code & logo on my wooden products. The ink will be absorbed quickly once the printing is done. You know, sometimes using a sticker on the product will deface the surface, but it won't happen when printing on a real wooden pieces.

  • Miracle

    I don't need a chunky machine in my production anymore. These portable printer is handy and functional, and the power can have it work for a long time. You can get your job ready anytime as the device is SO FRIENDLY for the rookies. Keep Dazzling, V4INK!

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