Automotive Printing Solutions

With demanding operational efficiency requirements, OEMs, Tier II and Tier III suppliers in automotive industries require real-time visibility of assets, processes and products to ensure accurate business performance from goods-in to work-in-progress tracking, through to transport and logistics management.

v4ink's fully equipped marking and labeling handheld inkjet printers provide solutions for a wide range of automotive applications.

Marking on automotive parts with v4ink BENTSAI handheld inkjet printer

● Engine labels - component parts, fluid containers, batteries, cables, serial numbers and batch codes
● Interior labels - marking serial number or batch code on parts
● Exterior labels - suitable for glass, metal or fabrics
● Supply chain track & trace solutions
● Warning and instruction labels - QR code printing
● Security & anti-counterfeit technology - specially made invisible ink

Packaging Marking

Beyond labeling all sorts of improtant data and identification on automotive parts, v4ink handheld inkjet printers excel in marking and decorating carton boxes that are used to store components, batteries or cables.

It can either be the company info, product name, serial batch, barcode or QR code to identify and track items.

With versatile customized imprints, solvent fast dry ink and the variable data printing, v4ink handheld inkjet printers enable labels and tags to drive visibility, transparency and efficiency across the entire supply chain.

Use BENTSAI portable handheld mobile inkjet printer (BT-HH6105B3) to print anywhere