Marking Solutions | Tubes, Wires, Cables

Tubes, cables and wires are always exposed outdoors. Wanting to print directly on the plastic surfaces always means that the device must be able to withstand a tough environment and the output is able to resist to the condition changes of heat, humidity and dust.

Compared to traditional solutions, v4ink handheld inkjet printer has an innovative structure that enables the device to be used outdoors, and its portability allows you to mark your merchandise during or after production.

Excellent Adhesion and Rub Resistance

Designed for printing on the non-porous substrates, V4ink quick-drying ink cartridges ensure ink droplets can adhere to the surfaces in seconds, and the printouts are able to withstand rubbing without becoming smudged or detached.

Ideal Even with Narrow Cylindrical Surfaces

The 0.5-inch and 1-inch print heads make this making and coding solution suitable for the narrow round surface of tubes, cables, or even tiny wires. It enables printing a minimum height of 2.5mm/0.09 inches of texts, dates, barcodes, and logos.

v4ink Open Box - Bentsai Handhelp Inkjet Printer B35 - Unboxing

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