v4ink solvent handheld inkjet printers use solvent quick drying ink, enable you to print on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces including plastic, polypropylene, aluminum foil, glass, acrylic, chinaware, cable, metal, coated cardboard, electronics, automatic parts and many more. A perfect helper for printing seamlessly on boxes, bottles, jars, cans, bags, lids, pouches, etc.

Medical & Cosmetic Marking Solutions

Barcode on a drug container
Lot number and expiry date on lotions and face serum
Expiration date on pill tablets
Marking expiry dates on medicine with V4INK BENTSAI handheld inkjet printer

Traceability made easy.

Pharmaceutical and beauty products are legally required to follow certain product coding and marking regulations.

In the event of product recall due to quality issues or the efficient management of expiry dates, a batch code enables you to track and access production date, time, location from all stages of production, processing to distribution easily and minimizes losses.

Enter Paperless Green Era

On top of the traceability that v4ink handheld printers can help you realize for pharmaceutical and beauty products, the QR code printing function on each v4ink portable printers also make instruction manuals for drugs, lotions, face serums, etc. more understandable by putting user guide, video, website link, etc. on a single QR code that needs just one scan.

With the QR code printed, companies will no longer need to print endless paper manuals which most of the time have a very small font size and hard to read. Imagine the costs can be saved and the benefits that can be brought to the earth when enterprises enter into a paperless era!


  • Great for small scale commercial needs!

    Ink is fast dry and prints on my polypropylene caps and glass bottles. I use the date code option and have printed around 10,000 units so far. Ink is still going strong.

  • Works great, does what I need it to!

    This thing is amazing and prints clearly. Text is easily adjustable, use this for marking serial numbers on some of our plastic products. Works great so far! Seems to hold up well and ink is rub resistant!

  • Super simple and easy to use

    Seller is very responsive and helpful with any issues and questions. Makes labeling and customizing things super fun and easy. Pretty satisfied with this little gadget and it comes with a warranty to sign up for.

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