Which printer is the best assistant for wooden pallets? v4ink BENTSAI BT-HH6105B2 and B35 series handheld printers can provide you with a fast and convenient solution, allowing you to easily mark and code on wooden pallets. When used with the universal Adjustable Holder Stand Freestanding Brackets, the printing work can get twice the result with half the effort.

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IPPC ISPM-15 logo

Wooden pallets for export must be fumigated. In the process of import and export, wood products are a very important content, because wood products are easy to contain live bacteria, microorganisms and even insects, which are easy to cause damage to the ecosystem or spread diseases. ISPM15 standard requires that all imported wooden packages must be quarantined and affixed with international marks. This is the most commonly used sign for import and export wooden pallets.

EPAL logo

EPAL (European pallet Association) is the European pallet Association, which was established by German Railway Association, French Railway Association and other railway associations in 1991 to formulate and monitor European pallet standards.

European standard pallets are formulated according to IPPC and UIC regulations, so that European standard pallets can be recycled around the world. All members agree on a convenient pallet circulation, namely "pallet change pallet".

Warning signs for heavy wooden pallets

Also known as dangerous goods package mark, it means that when explosives, inflammables, toxic substances, corrosive substances, oxidants, radioactive materials and other dangerous goods are contained in the transportation package, the marks for various dangerous goods must be marked on the transportation package to indicate a warning, so that the loading, unloading, transportation and storage personnel can take corresponding protective measures according to the characteristics of the goods, so as to protect the safety of materials and people.

Everything can be achieved!

You can print IPPC ISPM-15 logo, EPAL logo and also warning signs for wooden pallets with v4ink BENTSAI Portable Handheld Printer.

The device can import the IPPC logo and allow you to enter the specific information you need, but you can also print other information like, type of wood, the date of manufacture, and also number or a barcode as needed.

The operation is simple and convenient. It is suitable for wooden pallets of different sizes and types, and the printing effect is lasting and bright. Weatherproof, legible even after a long time outdoors.

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